Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

I’m sure you have come across website ads that promise big money earned online from the comfort of your own home simply by typing links for big companies, like Google. (And they want you to pay a large amount of money to learn how to do it.) All you need to know is how to type, they claim. Well, what they are really talking about is something called affiliate marketing. Making money with affiliate marketing is possible, but it is a little more complicated than some of these website ads would like you to believe.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

First of all, affiliate marketing very basically means maintaining a website that contains affiliate links to products that people would be interested in buying online through your link. They can be from big companies like Amazon, Walmart, Target, or even some smaller boutique-like online stores which offer affiliate opportunities. If a visitor at your website clicks on a link which sends them to an online retailer and buys something, you will get a percentage of their purchase. Below, for example, is an Amazon affiliate link for a laptop:


The percentage earned is often small, 5 to 10 percent. But if you had several popular websites with high traffic, there is the possibility that your work-at-home income could replace the income of your current job. Affiliate marketing has high potential in the work-at-home world.


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  1. Andrew

    Hey Tasha! Affiliate Marketing is certainly a great way to earn income online as long as you have the training on how to do it right. It’s great to see that you’re pointing people in the right direction with the video there. 🙂

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