My Scoping and Proofreading Rates for 2018

Scopist Rates

Are you a Case CATalyst court reporter who is interested in my scoping services?   Here are my current rates for 2018.  Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at if you have any questions or would like to book my services.


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Rates for scoping with audio using .wav files: 


$1.35/pg. (full audio); $1.50/pg. (video)



$1.85/pg. (full audio); $2.00/pg. (video)


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DAILY TURNAROUND (1 day or less):

$2.25/pg. (full audio); $2.50/pg. (video)



 $2.50/pg. (full audio); $2.75/pg. (video)

Extremely difficult or technical/expert work may be charged at a higher page rate (usually .15/pg.), but only with advanced notice.

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Rates for producing a rough transcript: 

$.40/pg. for next-day turnaround

$.60/pg. for same-day turnaround

Creating a rough includes fixing untranslates, some formatting, and running a spell check.  For repeat clients only.


Rates for proofreading:

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$.40/pg. for normal turnaround (2-3 days)

$.60/pg. for expedite (1 day)

$.80/pg. for daily (same day or overnight)


Proofreading may be done within Case CATalyst transcripts using scan marks to highlight problem areas or using a .txt document and completing an errata sheet. 


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Invoices are sent out on the 1st and 16th of each month.  Payment is due within two weeks of invoice.  Late fees may be charged for overdue invoices unless other arrangements are made. 

Payment options include QuickBooks Payments (preferred method), PayPal, Venmo, and personal checks.

Would you like to see how my rates compare to others in the industry?  Check out this scopist rate survey from 2016.   

About Me

I am a college graduate who has been scoping for 12 years and proofreading for 14.  I have also completed Best Scoping Techniques’ online scoping course. I have experience working with court reporters from all over the country, but most of my scoping is for reporters working in Los Angeles for Veritext.  References available upon request.

Tasha Hoke Scoping Services, LLC

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